About Me

I am pursuing my PhD in Sociology at Boston College, where I have also been a Teaching Assistant for three years.  This Spring, I am excited to teach my own courses as a Teaching Fellow.  I am currently in the final stages of data-gathering for my dissertation on the politics of the management of discarded electronics.  More details on my teaching and research can be found in those sections.  Here is a little more about me:


I live in central Massachusetts with my husband Marc and 7 year old daughter, Caroline.  I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where I attended Cardinal Gibbons High School.  After moving to New England, I earned my Associate’s degree at the Community College of Rhode Island.  CCRI inspired my passion for studying Sociology as a way to make sense of the socio-historical forces shaping the life chances of individuals.  CCRI also showed me that a good teacher can inspire transformational changes in her students’ lives by promoting the development of critical thinking, writing and discursive skills that inspire students to better understand and to actively engage the world around them.

After graduating from CCRI, I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Clark University.  Although I was a non-traditional student with a young child at home, my professors constantly pushed me beyond the boundaries of my coursework, providing opportunities for me to develop experience in teaching and research.  The collegiality between teacher and student that I found at Clark empowered me to treat my education as a profession.  As a result, I was able to push the boundaries of what I thought possible as an undergraduate student and have gained mentors and friends in my undergraduate professors.  In my graduate studies at Boston College, I have developed a pedagogical approach and a research agenda that is very much my own, but is also rooted in these earlier experiences.

At home, I am passionate about caring for animals, including our puppy, cat, two rabbits and five chickens.  I also enjoy photography, cooking and gardening, particularly growing vegetables.  My daughter and I are avid card-players and we all enjoy sailing and exploring different local hiking areas.  All of these interests have deepened and been shaped by my personal concern for environmental issues, particularly human impacts on the environment. In the future, I hope to carry my personal environmental concerns and practices into the realm of civic engagement, and I hope that I can inspire my students to do the same with the issues that matter to them.

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